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       How It All Began ...

Rodnikka has been baking since she was a little girl with her late Nana, the beloved Lena Williams. Rodnikka used to stare and watch her Nana make all of her delicious desserts and hoped and dreamed that she could one day be as great of a baker as her. Once Rodnikka started baking with her Nana, there was no turning back! Everything about baking excited Rodnikka, especially the smell of the deliciousness baking in the oven:)

Rodnikka was challenged with her passion for baking when she suddenly had to convert all of her recipes to gluten free as she was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and discovered an allergy to gluten. However, with trial and error and dedication, Rodnikka soon overcame that obstacle.

​​Sweet Chances was then founded by the husband and wife team - Nicholas and Rodnikka!

Every dessert is special.